QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool: How To Install And Use It?

Are you tired of troubleshooting installation errors in QuickBooks? If yes, it is time to leave your worries aside, as an excellent facility, i.e., the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool, is there to minimize your efforts. The QB installation tool is an advanced utility that troubleshoots installation errors in QuickBooks. Since the tool’s description requires a lot more space, you can refer to this guide to get a brief intro to this tool.

Meanwhile, you also have the option to connect with QB ProAdvisors for your QB-related queries. For this, you are only one call away from our support team. Well, it is about the ProAdvisory services, and the main portion of this guide deals with the QB Install Diagnostic tool, whose details you can refer to in the subsequent sections.

What Does It Signify To Be The Install Diagnostic Tool In QuickBooks?

While working with accounting software, you will definitely learn about a vast array of tools and utilities. Among these, the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool is a prominent one. It troubleshoots installation-related issues in QuickBooks through an automated framework.

See, the accounting tool relies on MS components to configure the company files. So, a slight glitch in components’ settings can negatively affect your file installation experience. Hence, taking note of this issue, Intuit introduced the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool for users. This tool works automatically to detect and repair damaged components on your device.

Pros Of Using The QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

The QB installation tool can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Proficiency at your accounting desk.
  • Automatic framework to minimize time consumption.
  • Limited human interaction to minimize further QB errors.

Besides, the QB Install Diagnostic tool is good for taking care of the following error categories:

QuickBooks Error 1402, 1603 QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error QuickBooks Error 1722
MS Framework issues QB Error 1935 C++ Damage Issues
QB Error 1904 Error Code 1903 15106 Code Error
PDF Driver Error Verification Error MSXML Error
QB Error 1334 Error Code 1712 Processing Error

How To Install The QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool?

Listed below are the steps to install the installation diagnostic tool on your device:

  • First, open your system browser and type “QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool” in the search bar.
  • Now, move to Intuit’s website appearing in the search results.
  • Next, click the download link for the “QuickBooks Tool Hub” and wait a while.
  • After that, click on the downloaded file to open the QB’s “Install Shield” wizard.
  • content-image
  • Here, click on the “Next” option to proceed further.
  • Then, hit the “Yes” option to agree to the license agreement.
  • content-image
  • Subsequently, select a destination folder for the file.
  • content-image
  • At this point, the “Ready to Install the Program” wizard will appear on the screen.
  • Later, in the “Install Shield Wizard Completed” option, mark the “Launch QB Tool Hub” option.
  • content-image
  • Furthermore, hit the “Finish” key and conclude the process.

How QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool Helps?

Using the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool seems like child’s play if you know the following facts:

  1. Evaluation Of System Compatibility
  2. The tool’s connection diagnostic tab is good for evaluating QB’s general compatibility for your purpose. For this, it configures company files to fit with the system requirements.

  3. Firewall Authentication
  4. Periodic authentication of the system firewall is essential to prevent firewall errors. Thus, the QB Install Diagnostic tool takes care of the authentication process and prevents system issues.

  5. Connectivity Fixture
  6. The QB Installation tool is a reliable facility for fixing connectivity issues in the device. Look, if there is unstable net connectivity, the system will not work up to the mark. Therefore, you can rely on this tool to fix the connectivity issues on your device.

How To Fix Installation Errors Using QB Install Diagnostic Tool?

When it comes to installation, QBInstall Diagnostic tool has no competition. It troubleshoots QB's installation issues in QuickBooks in the following steps:

    Step 1: Install The QuickBooks Tool Hub

    The primitive step involves the installation of the QB Tool Hub. We emphasize this facility because it redirects you to access the Install Diagnostic facility. Since we already discussed the details of the tool hub installation, let us move to the next step.

    Step 2: Open QB Install Diagnostic Tool Using The Tool Hub Section
  • Post-installation, open the QB Tool Hub on your system.
  • Afterward, click on the “Installation Issues” tab.
  • content-image
  • Next, move the cursor to the “QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool” option and open it.
  • content-image
  • Now, wait for a while as the system automatically detects issues prevailing in the system.
  • At this point, the following message will appear.
  • content-image
    Step 3: Update The System's Windows Version

    This step is intendedly introduced to overthrow QB errors arising out of Windows outdated versions.


    Here, the process may take some time so wait for it and after installing the updated version, restart the device.

    Step 4: Fix Windows Components Manually

    If the aforementioned steps fail to bring results, you can move ahead with this step. This process involves a few steps that you can learn in the subsequent sections.

    • First, prepare the data.
    • Next, open the file in the “Selective Startup” mode.
    • Next, open the file in the “Selective Startup” mode.
    • Finally, move back to the “Normal Startup” mode.

How To Fix Windows Components? (Manual Process)

Listed below are the processes involved in the manual fixing of Windows components:

Repairing Of MS .NET Framework

For Windows 10, 8.1, and 8

  • To start with, close all programs running in the background.
  • Next, type “Control Panel” in the search bar and open it.
  • Now, choose the “Uninstall a Program” option from the “Programs and Features” section.
  • content-image
  • Furthermore, hit the “Turn Windows Features On or Off” option to move ahead.
  • content-image
  • Finally, trace the “.NET” Framework’s version 3.5 to conclude the process.
  • content-image
Repair MSXML Files

For 64-Bit operating system:

  • First, open the “Start” menu and type “CMD.”
  • Next, move to the “Run as Administrator” option.
  • content-image
  • Afterward, write “CD\Windows\SYSWOW64” at the C: prompt.
  • Subsequently, type “regsvr32 MSXML6.dll” and press enter.
  • content-image
  • Lastly, install the QB Desktop to conclude the process.

Things To Remember About The Selective Startup Mode

Besides the aforementioned details, you should know the following things about the selective startup mode.

How To Use System In Selective Startup Mode?

Listed below are the steps to start the system in the selective startup mode:

  • To start with, open “MSConfig” from the Windows “Start” menu.
  • Afterward, go with the “Selective Startup” option and load the system services tab.
  • Next, click on the “Services” tab and click on the “Hide all MS services” tab.
  • Then, hit the “Disable All” tab.
  • Now, uncheck the “Hide all MS Services” checkbox and checkmark the “Windows Installer” option.
  • content-image
  • Lastly, click on the “OK” tab and restart the system configuration window.

How To Reinstall QB Desktop In Selective Startup Mode?

Reinstalling QB Desktop in the “Selective Startup” mode involves the following steps:

  • First, press the “Ctrl+R” keys to open the control panel.
  • Next, type “MSConfig” in the dashboard.
  • content-image
  • Then, click on the “Selective Startup” option.
  • Later, select system services and startup items.
  • Now, click on the “Hide all MS” option and then the “Disable All” section.
  • content-image
  • Followed by these, select the “Listing of Services” menu.
  • Moreover, move to the “Start Again” option from the “System Configuration” tab and restart the device.
  • Lastly, follow the “clean installation” process and reinstall the software.
Winding It Up

After reading through the given details, you might have acquired sufficient knowledge of the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool. So, in the future, you can refer to this guide if you face difficulties in using the software. Moreover, you can connect with QB ProAdvisors to overthrow concerns related to this tool. We are a team of tech-savvy individuals, who strive to deliver the best possible solutions to businesses. To make this thing a reality, we offer a 24/7 support window. Businesses can connect with our ProAdvisors by simply dialing the toll-free number at +18447122521. Rest, our experts can take care of your QB-related queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool?

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool is an Intuit-supported utility framework. It is suitable for diagnosing and troubleshooting installation errors in QuickBooks software. Due to its multi-functional characteristics, you can deploy this facility on your accounting framework.

2. How Do I Use The QuickBooks Connection diagnostic tool?

Listed below are the steps to use the QB Connection Diagnostic tool:

  • First, move to Intuit’s website and follow the prompts to install the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool.
  • Next, open the tool and select the desired connection pattern.
  • Now, submit the network and company file details.
  • Then, click the "Connectivity Test" key to detect connection issues on your system.
3. What Is The Component Repair Tool In QuickBooks?

The component repair tool in QuickBooks is an Intuit-sponsored feature. It can help you to fix issues related to the following:

  • MS .NET Framework
  • Microsoft MSXML
  • C++ Redistributable Components

By troubleshooting these, the tool ensures smoothness in the QB's functioning.

4.How Do I Use The Clean Install Tool In QuickBooks?

Listed below are the steps to use the “Clean Install” tool in QuickBooks:

  • First, move to QB’s site to install the tool.
  • Then, proceed with the on-screen suggestions to install it.
  • Next, open the tool and allow it to diagnose the system’s installation facilities.
  • Now, take note of the detected issues and fix them accordingly via the “Clean Install” tool’s features.

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