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Having issues with company files has become a norm for all QB users. We say this not because of unreliability but because of unexpected QB errors. The occurrence of file errors can significantly affect your business performance. So, today we will discuss a tool- QuickBooks File Doctor, to help you fix your concerns.

The File Doctor tool is an added utility that can help you fix file errors in QuickBooks. So, the guide will help you know the following aspects of the tool:

  • Basic definition
  • Essentials for the tool's framework
  • Download and install manual
  • User guide
  • Applicability and more

Meanwhile, you can also connect with QB ProAdvisors anytime. For this, you need to dial the helpline number-+18447122521. Until then, you can start with the basic definition of the tool.

What Is QuickBooks File Doctor?

QuickBooks File Doctor is a powerful utility inducted by Intuit to troubleshoot a plethora of file-related issues in QuickBooks. The utility serves as a diagnostic and repair tool that can resolve problems associated with company files, network connections, and related issues. Usually, these can impede the optimal functioning of QB. Thus, by utilizing the File Doctor facility, you can ensure the following:

  • Data integrity
  • Process streamlining
  • Uninterrupted productivity
  • Reliable finance management system

Look, the aforementioned factors are crucial for defining the financial health of organizations. And deploying the File Doctor tool can help you fulfill all these aspects. In essence, it is a composite facility for your file-related concerns in QB. Notably, the File Doctor facility is available only for Windows users. That means Mac users cannot access this facility.

What Errors Can You Fix Using The File Doctor?

Listed below are the errors that you can fix using the File Doctor:

QuickBooks error -6150 Error code -6000 -82 Error code -6000 -305
QB error -6000 -301 QB network errors QB installation error
Update errors in QuickBooks Firewall configuration errors QuickBooks error 6147 and -6130
6XXX series errors in QuickBooks Multi-user errors Damaged company files
Damage in Windows registry. Corruption errors Malware attack
Bugs related to QB Database Server Manager File opening errors Missing entries in vendor, customer, or employee lists
H series error in QuickBooks QuickBooks H202 error H505 QB error

Versions Of File Doctor Tool

Being a Windows user, you can find the following two versions of the File Doctor tool:

  • QBFD stand-alone version
  • File Doctor's built-in version

Limitations Of QB File Doctor

Similar to the coin-face concept, the tool also has certain limitations. And you can learn about these in the subsequent points:

  • Not suitable for files exceeding the 2 GB limit.
  • Completely reliable on the Internet connection.
  • Not fit for users with no credentials.
  • Installation of multiple QB versions can significantly affect work performance.
  • It depends on the installation of the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

After knowing different aspects of the tool, you can move on to learn the download procedure of QuickBooks.

How To Install QuickBooks File Doctor In Windows OS?

Installing an app from Intuit's site becomes child's play if you are aware of the following procedure:

  • First, go to Intuit's site and download the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Afterward, navigate to the download section and save the file in a handy location.
  • Now, open the file to move ahead with the installation process.
  • Consecutively, read and agree to the terms of licensing wizard appearing on your screen.
  • content-image
  • Furthermore, hit the "Install" option to proceed further.
  • Later, go with the on-screen prompts to move ahead.
  • content-image
  • Subsequently, hit the "Finish" option to summarize the installation process.
  • content-image
  • After that, open the QuickBooks Tool Hub app and navigate to its "Company File Issues" tab.
  • content-image

Important Considerations

Since you learned the installation procedure, it becomes necessary to know certain considerations of the tool. So, listed below are the things you need to consider before installing the tool:

  • Ensure the handy availability of account credentials.
  • An uninterrupted Internet connection is a must.
  • The repairable file must be under the 1.5 GB size limit.
  • QB framework must be of the latest version.
  • The OS must belong to Microsoft's Windows framework.
  • The device must run with a single version of QB.

How To Run The File Doctor Tool In QuickBooks? (General Procedure)

Usually, users troubleshoot file errors by proceeding with the enlisted steps:

  • At first, shut the QB Desktop and open the Tool Hub framework.
  • In the app's section, navigate to the "Company File Issues" section.
  • Followed by this, select the "Quick Fix My File" option.
  • Now, hit "Ok" to conclude the process.
  • Lastly, re-open the desktop version to test the operational feasibility.

In the last leg, if you face the same issue, then you can follow the alternate mechanism, i.e., QB File Doctor. And the process involves the following steps:

  • First, open the tool hub app and move to the "Company File Issues" section.
  • content-image
  • Afterward, opt for the QBFD option and wait for a while.
  • content-image
  • Select the company file from the drop-down menu or the "browse file" option.
  • Subsequently, hit the "Continue" option in the screen wizard.
  • content-image
  • And finally, submit your account credentials and hit "Next."

How To Run The QB File Doctor's Stand-Alone Version?

Listed below are the steps you can follow to run the File Doctor's Stand Alone version:

  • First, move to Intuit's official site and install the File Doctor tool.
  • content-image
  • Afterward, open the tool by double-clicking on it.
  • content-image />
  • In the tool's menu, go to the browse option and search for the damaged company file.
  • Moving ahead, allow the tool to diagnose and fix the errors.
  • Here, choose between the two options- 6XXX series or network errors.
  • content-image
  • Subsequently, submit the account credentials to move further.
  • Again, select an option between the workstation and server option modes.
  • From here, go with the on-screen instructions for the next one or two steps.
  • content-image />
  • Now, the File Doctor tool will automatically take over the operation and repair the company files.
  • At this point, wait for a while as the process gets influenced by multiple reasons.
  • Lastly, shut the tool and open the requisite company file.

How To Use QuickBooks File Doctor Built-In Version?

Before delving into the procedural details, you must look at these points:

  • The File Doctor's built-in version can work on Windows 10, 8, 7, and MS Servers 2003-12.
  • It suits to fix network and company file errors.
  • The tool comes with the US, UK, and Canadian versions of QB Desktop.
  • It can deal with both corrupted and damaged QB files.
  • It does not ask for extra installation.
  • Subsequent to knowing the details of the basic facts, it is time to dive into the details of employing the tool.

  • To begin with, first launch QB and do not open the company file.
  • content-image
  • Afterward, move to the "File" menu and select the "Utilities" option.
  • content-image
  • Now, hit the "Repair File and Network Problems" option to run the QB File Doctor tool.
  • content-image
  • Followed by this, click on the "Browse" option and select the requisite company file.
  • Subsequently, select the type of fix you want from the "Show Advanced Settings" window.
  • content-image
  • Moving ahead, submit your account credentials and hit "Next."
  • Lastly, shut the tool window and re-launch the company file.

What Will Happen After You Use The QBFD?

After using the QBFD, you may witness the following outcomes on your device:

Unrecoverable error is counted among the critical QB issues, and common causes for this error involve the following:

    Issues Not Detected

    The first possible outcome is the non-detection of any issue by the tool. So, here you may be asked to set up the "Auto Data Recovery" mechanism for troubleshooting. Else, you can also try to re-login to fix the issue.

    Tool Detects And Fixes The Issue

    The second probability is that the tool detects and fixes the issue. If this is the condition, you can proceed with the "open a new company" option in the last step.

    Issue Detected, But Error Cannot Be Fixed

    The last probable outcome of using the tool involves the detection but non-fixation of QB bugs. Here, too, you can go with the "Auto Data Recovery" tool to fix the issue.

Winding It Up

From the details mentioned above, you might have developed a thorough understanding of the tool's potential. Further, we recommend relying on the QuickBooks File Doctor for your file-related concerns. Meanwhile, you can also connect with our QB ProAdvisors to learn more about the tool-based facility. We are Intuit-certified QB ProAdvisors who can help you simplify your accounting process. Hence, you should feel free to dial the helpline number at XXXXXXXX.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Quickbooks File Doctor?

File Doctor, as the name suggests, is a doctor of file-related issues in QuickBooks. The tool can help you troubleshoot issues pertaining to company files in QuickBooks. Since it simplifies QB operations, you can rely on this tool for QB-related purposes.

2. How Is The File Doctor Accessed In QuickBooks?

Listed below are the steps to access the File Doctor in QB:

  • First, go to the "File" menu.
  • Afterward, select "Utilities".
  • Subsequently, click on the "Repair File and Network Problems" option.
  • Lastly, launch the QBFD for your purpose.
3. How To Run Quickbooks File Doctor?

Here are the steps to run the QBFD:

  • First, open the tool from the Windows "Start" menu.
  • Afterward, select the company file you want to diagnose.
  • Moving ahead, follow the on-screen instructions to let the tool scan and repair the detected issues.
  • Later, wait for a while and hit the "Ok" key to sum up the process.
  • Lastly, re-open the file to check if the issue persists.
4.How To Use Quickbooks File Doctor For Setting Up File Sharing?

You can use QBFD for setting up file sharing in the following steps:

  • To start with, open the tool and select the "Network Connection Only" option.
  • And then, follow the on-screen instructions to set up and troubleshoot file sharing among QB users on your network.
5.How Do I Download The File Doctor QuickBooks?

Listed below are the steps to download the QBFD:

  • First, visit Intuit's official website.
  • In the website section, search for the tool's download link and tap on it.
  • Subsequently, select an optimum location to save the file.
  • And then, follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the tool.

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