How to Fix QuickBooks Compile Error in Hidden Module? Like a Pro!


One useful accounting software that most of the organization uses is QuickBooks. This software works in combination with Microsoft Office to manage many finance and account reports. However, the functioning of this accounting software gets disturbed due to the occurrence of QuickBooks compile errors in hidden modules. This issue will mainly happen if MS Office is compatible with the version of QuickBooks that you’re using. For troubleshooting this kind of error, we have mentioned a few solutions that you can try. Also, we have explained what this compile error is in QuickBooks and why it happens. 

What is Compile Error in Hidden Module?

When you use QuickBooks, it is common to face some issues. One such issue is of Compile Error in Hidden Module. This type of error mainly happens if you are trying to install some add-ons or macros in Microsoft Office. In simple words, any sort of interruption between QuickBooks and Microsoft Office can cause this error to occur at any time. If you’re using Excel or PowerPoint that are not supported by the latest edition of the QuickBooks Desktop. The main function of this software is to manage the finances and accounts of an organization. But, QuickBooks also has to depend on MS Office for some of its features. So, there are chances of occurrence of compile error due to the discrepancies between the two programs.

Whenever this kind of error happens, users of QuickBooks will be prohibited from using some features of QuickBooks. In addition to this, this error won’t let you export the data to Excel. If this issue is happening then you’ll get some signs of the error such as software crashing and error messages.

Before knowing the right solutions to fix this issue, we must know about the hidden module. In QuickBooks, hidden modules are of great use as these are used as essential elements for performing several tasks. Whenever this module encounters any error, it will result in the compile error in the hidden module QuickBooks.

The compile error of QuickBooks can happen in certain situations. So, a user needs to know about these situations that will help you in implementing the right solution to fix it.

  • The main reason that can cause this error to pop up is the use of plug-ins. If a user has installed additional programs and add-ons then they might get this issue. Some third-party plug-ins of reporting tools, ERP, and email are the main reasons for this hidden module error. These add-ons when interfering with QuickBooks cause this error and put a hold on the functioning of the software.

  • As we have discussed above, the compatibility problem between Microsoft products and QuickBooks can also trigger this error. 

  • In addition to this, compile errors can trigger because of corrupt software. If the QuickBooks is corrupted and outdated, you’re going to see this error. The issue of corrupt Microsoft Office installation can also be a reason behind this error.

  • On your system, there might be various applications and software that can cause conflicts with QuickBooks. Some of these applications are Antivirus Software, Microsoft Office, and Adobe.

How to fix the compile error in the hidden module QuickBooks?

The compile error in the hidden module QuickBooks will pause all your finance and accounting works. So, it is important to manage this error by applying general troubleshooting solutions. Some of the effective solutions that work are repairing the QuickBooks installation, updating the accounting software, and removing incompatible add-ons.

Switch to the latest QuickBooks version

As I told you, outdated or corrupt QuickBooks won’t function well. Also, the outdated version will cause the issue of compile error as most of the software’s features won’t work. The effective solution that a user can try is updating QuickBooks Desktop and switching to the latest version. 

To apply this solution, you’ll have to access the QuickBooks Desktop first and then click on the Help option. You’ll see this option on the menu bar.

After this, the user will have to click on the drop menu to tap on “Update QuickBooks Desktop”

Now, simply click on the “Update Now”. After this, you must also click on the option of “Get Updates”. Make sure to allow the update process to finish by tapping on the “Confirm” button. Once the process is finished, you’ll see that the QuickBooks compile error in the hidden module Windows 10 has been finished. Users need to restart QuickBooks Desktop to check if the issue has been solved or not.

Removal of plug-ins

If you’ve added a few add-ons on your system then this will also disturb the functioning of QuickBooks. These add-ons could be of Microsoft or any other program. So, most users prefer removing these plug-ins and add-ins to ensure the proper working of this accounting software. 

  • The very first step of this plug-in removal process is to access the MS Office 

  • After this, you’ll have to choose the option of “File” 

  • Here, you need to tap on the Options to choose the “Add-Ins” tab

  • The next step will be clicking on the Manage from the drop-down list. You’ll have to now tap on the COM Add-ins and click on “Go”.

  • Here, you will now have to uncheck all the boxes that are already selected

  • In the final step, the user needs to click on the OK button

  • If you think any specific add-ins need to be removed, select and ‘Disable’ them. After applying all these changes, you will not have to restart the Microsoft Office.

Frequently asked questions:

1. What causes QuickBooks compile errors to occur?

This kind of error occurs because of the use of an older version of QuickBooks Desktop or using incompatible MS Office.

2. Will updating the QuickBooks version help in solving compile errors in hidden modules?

Yes, you can get rid of compile errors by updating the Lates version of QuickBooks.

3. What will happen if I ignore the ‘compile error in hidden module’?

If you’re ignoring this error, you will not be able to use QuickBooks features properly. Also, it could lead to some serious issues such as data corruption.

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