How to Fix QuickBooks Error 15225? Expert Solutions


QuickBooks accounting program is of great help for businesses. However, some technical errors of QuickBooks can occur at times which stops the working of the accounting of businesses. One such error that you’ll face while using this software is QuickBooks Error 15225. If you’re trying to update QuickBooks or download any feature of it, this error might happen. It can also happen if a user has having incorrect Internet Explorer configuration. It is one of the common issues that sometimes users have to go through every day.

You can also face this error code if QuickBooks starts the verification process of the digital signature of all files. There are a series of update issues on QuickBooks that can pop up as 15xxx. Whenever QuickBooks faces this error, the software starts to malfunction. In addition to this, the performance will also get slow.

Regardless of all the given solutions, you are unable to fix the issues then you can contact our QuickBooks support team. We ensure proper troubleshooting steps so that you can get rid of them. So, feel free to talk to our team of experts.

1.Try using the clean installation tool

One of the main solutions that will help you in solving QB error 15225 is using a QuickBooks clean installation tool. This tool is beneficial to QuickBooks in fixing the errors of accounting software with ease. Not just 15225, it can be used for troubleshooting various other errors of QuickBooks. 

If there’s any issue with QuickBooks Desktop, then you can simply uninstall it with the help of this install tool. The main function of this tool is the removal of residual files and folders. If you’re reinstalling QuickBooks without this tool then you’ll not get rid of residual files It works by uninstalling and then reinstalling the accounting program. So, I would suggest you try using the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool as it helps in getting rid of QB error 15225.  

This troubleshooting solution requires uninstallation of the QuickBooks manually. 

  1. You can start this process by clicking on the Windows start menu

  2. After this, you’ll have to double-click on the Control Panel icon to proceed to the next solution.

  3. In the next step, the user will also have to click on the Windows + R keys. This will open up the Run command window

  4. In the Run command window, you’ll have to type appwiz.cpl. 

  5. blog-post-image
  6. Now, you just have to tap on the OK as this helps in launching the Control panel.

  7. In the next section, simply choose QuickBooks. You’ll get this option under the Programs and Features option.

  8. After that, opt for the Uninstall/Change to uninstall QuickBooks first

  9. blog-post-image
  10. Click on the option of “Uninstall or Remove option”. You will have to follow the instructions to uninstall this accounting software.

  11. After the completion of the uninstallation process, you should restart your system.

  12. The next step will be the installation of the QuickBooks program. For this, enter the license and product keys.

  13. Finally, you’ll have to restart your system and then access your QuickBooks account.

2.Try updating the QuickBooks Desktop program in Safe mode

The older version of QuickBooks Desktop is also a reason that causes QuickBooks Error 15225. So, updating the software is a great way of solving this error code. After this, you can run this program in safe mode to fix the error code.

For this, the user will have to restart the system and click on the F2 key. You will need to press the key repeatedly to open the “Advanced Boot Options Window”. Now, you need to click on the down arrow key on the keyboard. This step will help you reach the Safe Mode. After this, you just have to tap on the “Enter” from the keyboard.

Now, you’ll have to run the QuickBooks Desktop by double-clicking the Desktop icon. In the next step, navigate to the Help option to click on the Update QuickBooks Desktop.

Simply, tap on the “Update Now” option. After this, the user will have to tap on “Get Updates”.

After completion of the update process, you’ll have to restart the system and QuickBooks. Also, check if the error of 15225 has been solved or not. 

3.Remove third-party programs temporarily

Third-party programs such as firewalls sometimes affect the QuickBooks features and functioning. A firewall can also block your access to this accounting software. So, you can solve this issue by disabling or removing the Firewall for some time.

To remove the firewall, you must start the process by clicking on the Start button. Then, you need to click on the “Settings” option. Now, you just have to choose the “Update and Security” link.

In the next step, simply choose the Windows Security tab to open it. Here, opt for the option of Network Protection and Firewall. Check each of the sections and then deactivate them individually. After doing all these steps, try to access your QuickBooks software.

Users can also take QuickBooks Error Support in case the issue has not been solved by any of these solutions. General troubleshooting solutions are enough for this kind of error. But, you can also seek support to fix these troubles.

4.Use QuickBooks tool hub

Users can also try using the QuickBooks tool hub for the removal of this error. This tool helps resolve all the QuickBooks errors that are of the 15xxx series. For this, the user will have to choose the option of re-launching the QuickBooks tool hub and then pick the installation issues.


From the new section, you just have to QuickBooks install the diagnostic tool and then the process will start. Finally, reboot the system as it helps in resolving QuickBooks update error and installation issues.

Frequently asked questions:

1. How can I prevent QuickBooks error 15225?

One better way of avoiding QB 15225 errors is by keeping the QuickBooks updated. Also, you can keep your system free from malware or viruses.

2. Is Clean Install Tool available for both QuickBooks Windows and Mac?

Yes. The clean tool can be used for all the versions of QuickBooks. It can also be used for Windows and Mac Windows.


In this article, we have discussed all the suitable solutions that can help you fix QuickBooks update error 15225. For more details on effective solutions, we are here to provide immediate assistance. Get in touch with our team of QuickBooks support team so that you can get proper solutions.

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