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QuickBooks Update Error: How to troubleshoot it

Are you getting errors while updating the QuickBooks software? In my opinion, this is a common error that users must have faced at a certain point in time. You’ll need to update the QuickBooks application if you want to use its latest features. If you are seeing QuickBooks Update Error whenever you are trying to update QuickBooks, then you need to fix it.  

You must be confused about what is causing this error to occur, isn’t it? Well, a low internet connection, and not signing in as an admin are some main causes of this error. It can be fixed if you’re accessing QB as an administrator, and changing internet connection settings.

Don’t be stressed out as this blog is the right place for you where you can find solutions related to QuickBooks updates.

This error mainly pops up when you try to update QuickBooks. If this error is happening again and again, what would you do?

When this update error occurs, you will get various error messages that you can see in the table.

Different forms of QB update errors

QuickBooks error 404 QuickBooks error 12045 15xxx errors
QuickBooks error 12007 QuickBooks error 1328 QuickBooks error 6190

Potential causes of QuickBooks Update error

There are multiple reasons for the occurrence of the update error on QuickBooks. If the user is aware of the reason behind this error, this becomes easy for them to apply the right fix.

Low Internet connection:QuickBooks requires a strong Internet connection to function well. If the internet connection is creating the problem, you might see this error.

Digital signature issue:Any kind of trouble with a digital signature can also lead to this sort of update error.

Multiple versions:If you have installed multiple versions of QuickBooks Desktop on Windows then you might encounter this type of error.

Third-party programs:Sometimes, third-party security programs such as firewalls or antivirus create problems in the update procedure.

Outdated version of QB:Using an outdated QuickBooks version can also cause update errors.

Wrong date and time: One of the most common reasons for this error is the incorrect date and time of your computer system.

Older version of OS

An outdated Windows Operating System will also cause QB update error.

How can I fix the QuickBooks Update Error?

Are you confused about which solution will help fix the update issue in QuickBooks? Well, multiple solutions are there that can help you troubleshoot this update issue with ease. Depending on the reason, you can apply the right solutions.

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Configuring your Internet connectivity

Is your internet connection not stable? Well, this is again going to impact the update process of the QuickBooks. Thus, there’s a need to solve this problem by changing the settings in your internet settings.

You’ll have to start the configuration of the internet connection by clicking on the menu option. From this, simply click on the option of internet connection setup from the list. Next, the user needs to select the option of “Use my computer’s internet connection settings” and then tap on the OK button.

After that, go to the advanced settings option and then look for the advanced tab. Make sure that you are clicking on the restore advance settings to reconfigure the internet connection setting. After doing all these steps, you can now easily update your QuickBooks program.

Checking the date and time of the computer system

If your system is showing an incorrect date and time, an update of the QB will get interrupted. The only solution to the incorrect date and time of your computer system is to change it.

  • First, close all the running programs on your computer.

  • Now, navigate to the extreme right bottom of your system.

  • Tap on the date and time

  • Look for the option to adjust the date and time

  • Choose an appropriate option from the available options.

  • Now, type the current date and time as per your location.

  • Tap the OK button.

Opening QuickBooks as an Admin

Users will get this QuickBooks Update Error if they don’t have permission from the admin. This usually happens if the user has not signed in as the admin. The best solution to fix it is to run QuickBooks as an administrator. So, you can complete the process of accessing the QuickBooks program as an admin.

  • User needs to right-click on the QuickBooks.

  • Go to the drop-down list

  • Choose ‘run as an administrator’.

If the update error is happening due to the admin person, these steps will resolve the issue. In case, you’re still witnessing the error, try another troubleshooting method which is a configurational check of internet connection settings.

How manually update QuickBooks?

So, the next solution that a user can go for is the manual update of QuickBooks. If you are not getting a solution even after trying all the above-mentioned solutions then you can do the manual update of QuickBooks.

When QuickBooks is not getting updated automatically, you will have to turn the automatic update feature and try a manual update.

For this, the user needs to open the QuickBooks by right-clicking on it. You will have to choose the option of accessing QB as an admin.

After opening QuickBooks, search for the “help menu” and then click on then choose “update QuickBooks desktop”. Your next step should be clicking on the “mark all” option.

Whatever changes you have made to the QuickBooks, you are required to save it. Then, you need to choose the option of reset update. This manual process will help you in updating QuickBooks with ease.


So, you can know that QuickBooks update error is a result of low internet connection, wrong date & and time of the system, and use of an older version of the operating system. However, this error is easily fixable by following some solutions that are mentioned above.

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