Resolving QuickBooks Error 179:
Expert Troubleshooting Guide


QuickBooks users have recently encountered a range of error codes, causing disruptions in their use of accounting software and potential harm to vital company files. As someone who frequently utilizes QuickBooks Desktop, are you in search of a straightforward method to address QuickBooks error 179? If you are, then continue reading this article for a solution. QuickBooks error code 179 typically occurs when users attempt to log in to their bank's website through the software. This error prevents users from accessing the software, and it may also manifest after importing an Accountant's Copy into the company file.

Considering the negative consequences that QuickBooks error code 179 can have on your QuickBooks files, it is essential to resolve this issue promptly. Rectifying this error will eliminate any obstacles hindering your use of banking services within QuickBooks. For a comprehensive understanding of QuickBooks error 179 and how to address it, we recommend reading this article in its entirety.

QuickBooks Error Code 179 can occur for several reasons, including:

  1. Reports with discrepancies, like negative values on invoices, may lead to this error.

  2. A poor network connection within the system can trigger an error.

  3. Missing transactions in QuickBooks can also be a cause.

  4. Using incorrect login credentials during login attempts can provoke Error Code 179 in QuickBooks.

  5. A system infected with a virus attack can be a potential source of the error.

  6. Finally, forgetting to log out of the previous session can also result in the occurrence of this error.

To address QuickBooks Error Code 179, users can attempt to resolve it by employing the following method:

Solution 1: Repairing the Windows registry.


When undertaking this procedure, users should follow these steps:

  1. Commence by clicking on the Start menu.

  2. In the search bar, input "command," and subsequently, press the Enter key.

  3. Subsequently, type "regedit" in the black command prompt window.

  4. Locate and select the registry key associated with Error 179.

  5. Save the key's information.

  6. Create a new file and be sure to designate the ".reg" extension when saving it.

  7. Confirm the resolution of the issue by attempting to log in to the bank's website

Solution 2: Clear Browser Data

QuickBooks Error Code 179 can be triggered by an excessive accumulation of browsing data. To solve this problem, A regular user can clear their browser data and then try logging in to their bank account once more. Here are the simple instructions to adhere to:

  1. Open Google Chrome and locate the three dots icon displayed on the system screen.

  2. Proceed to delete the browsing history, including the cache.

  3. Finally, users should log in once more to the bank's website.

Solution 3: Sign Out of Your Online Banking Account

To resolve this issue, log out of your bank account if you're currently logged in, and then log back in.

  1. Begin by signing out of the bank's website on all computer systems.

  2. Verify that there are no other individuals simultaneously using identical login credentials.

  3. Once you've confirmed this, proceed to log in to the bank's website as an administrator.

Solution 4: Update Bank Information in QuickBooks

To update your bank information in QuickBooks, follow these steps:

  1. Launch QuickBooks and access the "Tools" tab.

  2. Click on the "Online Center" option.

  3. Pick your financial institution from the list and select the preferred option.

  4. Then, press the Ctrl + F3 keys.

  5. Go back to the Online Center and click on "Contact Info."

  6. Refresh the financial institution.

  7. You will now see the profile information displayed on the screen.

  8. Finally, proceed to update QuickBooks Desktop.

  9. blog-post-image
  10. Additionally, click on the "Update/Send" option.

  11. If asked, enter your password.

  12. After completing these steps, ensure that you update your account.

  13. Lastly, confirm whether the problem has been resolved.

Solution 5: Utilize QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor

To address this problem, we'll employ the QuickBooks File Doctor tool, which can resolve company file issues in QuickBooks Desktop.

  1. Begin by closing any open QuickBooks Desktop windows.

  2. Next, download QuickBooks Tool Hub program onto your system.

  3. Run the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file to initiate the software installation.

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation and accept Intuit company's terms and conditions.

  5. Finally, double-click on the icon to launch the Tool Hub program.

  6. Afterward, within the Tool Hub program, choose the "Company File Issues" option

  7. Then, click on "Run QuickBooks File Doctor."

  8. blog-post-image
  9. The QuickBooks File Doctor tool may take approximately 1 minute to launch.

  10. After it opens, within the QuickBooks File Doctor tool, select your company file from the drop-down menu. You can snap on the “Browse “  button to detect the file. 

  11. Also, choose the choice to inspect the file, and continue this procedure  by clicking on the “Continue’.  

  12. Finally, enter the QuickBooks admin password and click "Next." 

  13. blog-post-image
  14. Lastly, input the password for the QuickBooks admin, and then click "Next."

Winding up !

we've reached the end of this article, and we trust that the provided information can assist in resolving QuickBooks Error Code 179. If you have any questions or if the issue persists despite following the outlined steps, we recommend reaching out to our QuickBooks error support team at +18447122521 for further assistance.

Frequently asked questions:

1. How do I fix error code 179?
  1. Technique1: Fixing the Windows Registry.
  2. Technique2: Deleting Browsing Data.
  3. Technique3: Sign Out from Your Online Banking Account.
  4. Technique4: Updating Your Bank Information in QuickBooks.
  5. Technique 5: Utilizing QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor.
2. How do I fix a QuickBooks error code?

To fix a QuickBooks error code, start by identifying the specific error message you're encountering, as the solution can vary based on the error code. Next, try basic troubleshooting steps such as restarting QuickBooks and your computer, ensuring you have the latest software updates, and running the QuickBooks File Doctor tool to scan and repair data issues. If the error persists, search for the error code on the QuickBooks official website or community forums to find specific troubleshooting steps or contact QuickBooks support for assistance. It's essential to back up your company data before attempting any fixes, and if all else fails, consider seeking help from a certified QuickBooks professional to diagnose and resolve the issue.

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